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Journalist leaves national role to return to daily

Katharine HayA journalist has left a national role to return to her old newspaper as its rural affairs correspondent.

Katharine Hay, pictured, has been unveiled in the role by The Scotsman, where she previously worked on staff between January 2020 and September 2021.

At that point, Katharine joined PA Media to work as a journalist.

She has also spent time with the Brighton Argus during her career.

In a piece introducing herself in her new role, Katharine wrote: “Having been raised in the countryside, writing about this topic is not ‘just a job’ for me; it’s a passion.

“I am regularly tuned into debates about agriculture, forestry, rewilding, moorland management, heather burning and environmental policy – matters that concern rural life in Scotland hugely.”

She added: “As Scotland’s paper, it is our duty to report on rural affairs in a comprehensive and fair way, voicing opinions, airing the important facts that will educate readers on this topic, whether they live in the heart of Edinburgh or most remote Sutherland.

“But I also want the paper to be a platform for members of Scotland’s rural community whose voices are often overlooked in some of the big environment-related debates.

“The countryside may not be as heavily populated as its urban counterparts, but a lot of what happens in it impacts all of us.”