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Weekly declares ‘cost-of-surviving crisis’ in bid to help struggling readers

A weekly newspaper has vowed to help its readers deal with what it has dubbed the “cost-of-surviving crisis”.

The Camden News Journal has run a special edition on the issue, featuring 14 pages of coverage.

A special supplement offered advice for those struggling, while the New Journal also thanked people who came forward to tell their stories of dealing with financial problems.

On its front page, the paper questioned whether “cost-of-living crisis” was an accurate term.

CNJ surviving

It said: “It’s been cosily labelled ‘the cost-of-living crisis’ by politicians. But what is living? In cold bedrooms and empty kitchens, it is no exaggeration to say people are struggling to find the money to simply survive.

“Today’s special edition of the CNJ is a search for help. Only solidarity will get us through this winter.”

In an accompanying leader column on page two, the CNJ added: “Times are tought for all but that’s why we remain as determined as ever to keep the presses rolling and fulfil the function of a good local paper, answerable to its readers and not faraway shareholders.

“As ever, we thank our readers for both their warmth and challenge, their participation and their support.”