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Popstar joins forces with regional journalist for new yoga video series

Amy Farnworth 1Popstar Bez has joined forces with a regional daily journalist to launch a new yoga instruction video series.

the former Happy Mondays dancer, whose real name is Mark Berry, has been learning yoga from Lancashire Telegraph report Amy Farnworth for the past six weeks.

Amy, pictured, has been teaching yoga for more than a year and practising for six years.

She began teaching Mr Berry after he expressed an interest in learning the discipline to his personal trainer, who subsequently referred him to Amy.

The pair are now launching a YouTube series called ‘Get Mellow with Bez’.

Mr Berry, 56, told the Blackburn-based Telegraph: “I’m really enjoying learning yoga, I can feel myself getting more flexible each week.

“I’ve never done it before but thought I needed to try it to help me as I’m not getting any younger and I need to be able to carry on dancing on stage.

“It’s been great working with Amy, she’s a great teacher and I’m looking forward to carrying on for as long as I can.”

Amy, 35, has praised her new pupil’s work.

She said: “Bez has taken to it like a duck to water. He loved it.

“I could definitely see an improvement week to week, and I think coupled with his healthy eating and his exercise regime, he’s really made progress in every aspect of his health.

“The benefits of yoga are incredible, and Bez has just proven that it doesn’t matter how old you are, how inflexible you think you are, or how unfit you deem yourself to be, by practising regularly it can help improve your mood, balance, posture and overall health and wellbeing.

“He’s such a good laugh, and so down to earth and he was an amazing student too, really keen to learn. He really got into the classes and after a while I just felt like I was teaching a mate.”