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Editor vows to ramp up support for patch after pandemic

andy-sibcyA regional daily has vowed to ramp up its support for businesses in the coming year after urging readers to buy local.

The Jersey Evening Post has pledged to increase focus on its ‘Celebrate Local; campaign, launched during the coronavirus crisis to urge people to “spend Jersey pounds in Jersey”.

In a new monthly blog, JEP editor Andy Sibcy share pride in his team, which now numbers around 70, for the way in which they “provided the vital community glue that brought people together when it was needed most”.

But he said the pandemic had also caused the newspaper to “pause and reflect”.

Andy, pictured, wrote: “Today we have a much clearer idea of how we can use our position in the Island to support Jersey – its people and businesses, while never losing the independence which enables us to report fairly, accurately and without fear or favour.”

He went on to highlight a number of campaigns the JEP has run during the pandemic.

Andy added: “Within days of lockdown being announced last year we were publishing lists of businesses (at no cost to advertisers) offering crucial delivery services (Delivering for You campaign) and supporting hospitality (Rediscover Home campaign). And we have not stopped thinking about how we can play our part positively ever since.

“Our Celebrate Local campaign underlines the need to spend Jersey pounds in Jersey – especially as we rebuild the economy.

“We helped keep many small businesses afloat during lockdown and beyond, offering free ad space. Those businesses are repaying that loyalty as we emerge from the second wave in acknowledgement of the pivotal role the newspaper played.

“The campaign is also a reminder to recognise and celebrate so much that is great about our island, from those who grow and catch such amazing produce, to landscapes and opportunities to get close to nature.

“In the next year, we will be looking to take this further – using our platforms and ability to bring people together to achieve specific aims and to ensure the really important questions get the attention they deserve.

“That is more important than ever with elections looming in June 2022 and the need for Jersey to identify a vision for the future.

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