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Hyperlocal edited by national journalist celebrates 50th edition

A hyperlocal newspaper produced as a side project by a national broadcast journalist has celebrated its 50th edition going to print.

Monthly publication Winchester Today was founded in 2012 by Sky News journalist Kevin Gover, and has now reached the milestone edition.

The paper is produced remotely by a team of people who are either volunteers or work on it as a second job.

Winchester Today also works with a new community radio station called Winchester Radio to provide local news on weekday mornings.

Winchester Today

Kevin, who has also lectured at Goldsmiths, University of London, and London South Bank University, said: “The paper succeeds mainly because we have a large team who volunteer their time.

” We also have an ace designer. We take a lot of time getting that right with the design or big friendly pictures – either with our own photographers, or other images that are submitted.”

“Everyone on the team has a ‘big’ job elsewhere that pays their wage, and they’re mostly working at a national level. They bring an expertise that you just cannot find elsewhere.

“They also bring pride to the newspaper and still get a ‘buzz’, especially when they see their own byline. Technology advances have changed our working methods considerably; a lot can be done in the field.

“I was a pioneer of mobile journalism in the university I worked at, and I can do most reporting, recording and filming on my iPhone.

“From there, uploading and corrections are simple using email and documents in Google Drive where everyone can see the files. We tried having an office, and it just didn’t work. £1,000 down the drain every month.”