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NS president: ‘Local papers will come through’

The president of the Newspaper Society has spoken of her total belief in the long term success of local newspapers.

During a visit to Tindle Newspapers this week Geraldine Allinson, who is also chairman of the Kent Messenger Group, said that despite the toughest advertising recession in memory local papers are ‘strong, resilient and innovative and will come through.’

She said: “It is important to remember one fundamental truth: that no other medium can replicate the role of local media, in print and online, in scrutinising those in authority, supporting local businesses and campaigning on behalf of readers.

“Indeed, in tough economic times, the importance of community is greater than ever as people seek out a sense of belonging and connection… Local papers have more journalists on the ground than any other medium; they are the only meaningful way for people to connect with communities.”

She added: “In good times and bad, people will always need to know what is going on around them and they will always need local news – which is why I have a total belief in the long-term success of local newspapers.”

Sir Ray Tindle, who was hosting the visit for Geraldine and NS director David Newell, said local papers will make a great recovery when the recession ends and will continue to be supreme amongst all media for their own localities.

He said: “The printed newspaper has a long future ahead.  I have much still to learn and this recession may have a long way to go but we’ll reach Churchill’s sunlit uplands, never fear.  The local weekly newspaper will live forever.”

He added that by giving the local readers local news in depth they would simultaneously be giving maximum potential customers to the local trader in order to continue to beat any competition.