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Daily’s campaign to boost Christmas trade

A regional newspaper had launched a campaign to encourage people to buy their Christmas shopping from  local traders.

The Hull Daily Mail’s Value Your High Street campaign aims to drive local trade into the city and surrounding towns over the festive period.

The Northcliffe title is inviting organisations to take part in the campaign which was launched in the paper last week.

Every week the newspaper will feature the best the shops have to offer and will profile the ‘trader of the week’.

It will also include a bargain hunt section to showcase individual shops and businesses with the latest edition profiling nine local businesses including a butchers, a cake shop, a grocers and a jewellers.

The Mail’s deputy managing director Richard Duxbury said: “It is absolutely the campaign local newspapers should be doing, and at the same time, it allows us to drive new or additional revenues.

“The idea is to focus readers’ attention on the great service, offers and outlets the local area has to offer and drive people to shop locally.

“The Mail believes this campaign, backed by its successful Bounce Back brand, will be a huge success.”

Value Your High Street will run until January to include the post-Christmas sale period.

The paper believes it will provides traders with a great opportunity  and articles will also explore important issues highlighted by shoppers and traders such as parking and late night shopping.

The newspaper says it is giving readers important and interesting information to encourage them to shop locally and traders an opportunity to showcase their businesses.

Eight local businesses have already signed up, generating more than £36K of revenue.