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Web forum dressing-down for pyjama-clad reporter

The ongoing saga of whether stores should allow shopping in nightwear has seen one press reporter become the topic of local gossip and abuse on his patch.

David Simister took to the streets of Southport in his finest PJs and dressing gown for a feature for the Southport Champion.

It follows the recent decision by supermarket giant Tesco to ban shoppers from entering its store in Cardiff while wearing pyjamas, prompting a South Wales Argus reporter to hit the streets of Newport in her nightwear.

But after David’s photo was uploaded to local community news website Southport GB, it prompted a flurry of reader comments, some of which were none too complimentary about his attire.

‘Keen Golfer’ wrote: “Has this bloke got nothing else better to do with his time?…..Cant (sic) see him making the broad sheets (sic) if these are the best story lines he can come up with.

“Surely there are more intersting (sic) things going on in sleepyville that he could report on??”

‘Tillys’ added: “Mmmmm the word plonker springs to mind.”

David said: “I’m surprised by the amount of reaction it’s had from people both on that site and in The Champion itself, even if some of the comments are a little colourful!

“This report on Southport GB is pretty much exactly what I expected it to be – a brief report, a photo, and lots of abuse from the website’s fiercely loyal users.”

  • David gives local shoppers a shock on the streets of Southport
    (Pic: Champion Newspapers)
  • Comments

    Onlooker (02/03/2010 09:27:06)
    If you take away the beard and glasses, he looks exactly like my wife on a Saturday morning.(Actually, no, leave the beard…)

    Hannah (03/03/2010 09:16:37)
    Haha! I like David’s summation of it – too true. All newspaper website users seem to do is whinge and complain about the stories, yet seem to have a compulsion to keep visiting the site and reading them.