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Friday Funnies: How do you reverse a jobs blow?

It’s the most romantic weekend of the year so it falls to us to provide you with some witty comedic vignettes with which to dazzle your significant others on Valentine’s Day.

When they’re basking in the glow of your genius japery, remember it was us who put you there by sending some more over to: [email protected].

First up, a headline from Peterborough’s Evening Telegraph which really requires no further explanation:

In the 1960s, The Moody Blues scored success with their album ‘In Search of the Lost Chord’. Now, according to this Daily Telegraph tale, it seems someone has managed to find it….and it’s red, apparently:

We think this error, which was still there last time we looked, merits a D-minor for the Daily Tel.

Over to Worcester News editor Kevin Ward and his recent description on Twitter of the moment he came to blows with the blower:

Is this the greatest ever ‘Tweet’ by a member of the regional press? Tell us on [email protected] if you’ve seen a better one.

Up in Accrington, the local Observer is warning its readers to avoid incompetent thieves as well as the experts….:

And finally, here’s a (probably) very interesting article about website pay walls…..we can’t be sure, though as it’s behind a pay wall (from New Media Age):

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