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Print media 'best for retail advertisers'

Local newspapers and the wider print media have received a welcome boost from a new study.

Research commissioned by the Outdoor Advertising Association has shown that print media is the most effective way for retail advertisers to reach potential clients and customers.

The study carried out by Brandscience looked at 400 brand case studies. It showed that for every £1 spent on newspaper and magazine advertising, retailers enjoy a sales increase of £6.23.

By comparison, retail advertisers get a sales boost of £3.57 for every £1 spent on television and outdoor advertising.

The study also showed that retailers’ newspaper campaigns were boosted when run in conjunction with outdoor advertising.

The findings are being seen as proof that there is still a key role to play for the local press despite the declining advertising market.


Observer (09/10/2009 12:31:36)
Did they ask how successful online advertising is? Might have been useful to show the fools running the newspaper industry that their online moves have been a folly and have done nothing except to cost, not save, millions.

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