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Wild cat tales

Perhaps it’s down to the rainy summer months but the Big Cats are out and about in force around the country.

Here at HoldtheFrontPage, we’ve spotted several tales of the supernatural, in the north, the south and the midlands.

Take the Clitheroe Advertiser and Times, which reported: “A panther-type animal which is believed to be roaming round the Ribble Valley has been sighted again.

“A large dark cat-like creature was spotted on the side of the Clitheroe bypass around 9.45am one Saturday by local residents who were driving from Gisburn to Skipton.”

Or The Citizen, in Gloucester, which reported how Paula Jones has become the latest unsuspecting pedestrian to come face-to-face with what it described as “the beast of the forest”.

She said: “It was definitely a big cat. It was about 20 metres away and about the size of a full-grown sheep.

“It was slinking along very casually.”

A young boy in Trelleck, Monmouthshire, was attacked by a “leopard-like animal” last week, and there was a sighting in Derbyshire last month.

Big cat hunters are vowing to round up whatever’s out there.

But as the Gloucester Echo said in its editorial column this week: “Show us the body!

“How is it that no-one has ever found the remains of one of these beasts? Don’t they die?”

It then offered a word of journalistic caution, saying: “There’s no danger of a good story being spoiled by the facts here, is there?”

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