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"No idea" football manager refuses to speak to Post

Football manager Gary Megson is refusing to talk to the Nottingham Evening Post following its back page story on Monday, which he claims is inaccurate.

But the Post stands by its story and has even published the full post-match press conference from the Nottingham Forest boss for readers to make up their own minds.

The two sides fell out in August this year when newly-relegated Forest made what fans saw as a poor start to the season.

The paper labelled Megson as “under pressure” in a headline and stood by its story then, too.

This time the paper ran a headline which read: “Megson – I have no idea!”, which the manager took exception to.

The Post explained that its reporter Paul Taylor was only given time to ask one question and that the back page was based around Megson’s response.

Editor Graham Glen has backed his reporter and the newspaper’s overall coverage.

Click here to read his editorial column on the topic from yesterday’s paper.

He told HoldtheFrontPage: “It is important to emphasise that the Evening Post is not looking for a fight. The sooner the Forest manager is talking to us again the better.”

But he said the newspaper had to set the record straight once Megson had attacked the Evening Post on the club’s website.

He added: “We are delighted when Forest do well, and feel the same about (Notts) County.

“We are sure this is a blip in history and are looking forward to resuming normal service.”

Megson told the official Forest website: “I have always felt that having a good relationship with the local newspaper is vital for a football club and its manager but I feel that ‘enough is enough’ in this case.”

The website reveals that his decision was reached following a series of articles in which he claimed to have been misquoted and misrepresented. Only subscribers can see the full interview in which he explains his reasons.

But he adds: “It goes back to earlier in the season when I was quoted in the newspaper as saying “The booing was over the top” in relation to our supporters’ reaction to a defeat in the Coca Cola Cup by Macclesfield. I said nothing of the kind and subsequently received an apology from the newspaper.

“A more recent headline in the Evening Post suggested I had said ‘Cullip is leading us out of the mire’. I said no such thing.

“The fact that today they have come up with a headline saying ‘Megson – I have no idea’ is, I feel, a reaction to the fact that I am no longer speaking to the Nottingham Evening Post.

“I feel that it is important for our supporters to know through the local media what I am thinking, doing and saying but I feel that it has come to the stage where I cannot trust the Evening Post to relay that information accurately.”