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Herald's fitness five!

Five fitness guinea pigs from the Tamworth Herald are quickly coming to terms with their new-found life at the gym.

They volunteered for a get-fit purge and are already feeling the benefit – and the strain – of a daily work-out.

The Herald Leader, a free version of the Tamworth Herald, gleefully reported how among the group there was a pair of dodgy knees, a couple of creaky backs, a case of asthma and a smoker that wished to remain anonymous.

One has not been seen at the gym for several months and will be replaced by a substitute!

But readers are still following their progress with great interest – and here are the latest progress reports on the team:

Phil Shanahan, deputy editor:
After months of running and going nowhere, cycling and going nowhere and rowing and still going nowhere, I now have concrete proof that the gym’s static machines have put me firmly on the road to fitness.
My body fat, heart rate and blood pressure have all gone down! In addition my wife informs me that I am beginning to tone up. All this has been religiously achieved by sticking to my programme at least twice a week.

Leanne Scoins, ad manager:
Some have suggested that without threats to humiliate me in pront and being bundled into my colleague’s car to be driven to the gym I would never go
I can only strenuously deny these allegations! I’m turning into a bore at dinner parties, asking people to feel my muscles.

Guy Helliker, new business manager:
My biggest challenge is motivating Leanne Scoins.
But I was delighted to buy a new suit recently and discover that my waist has reduced.

Dave Ash, sales rep:
The first few weeks were a killer. After a gym session I was shaking like a leaf.
The weigh-in day finally came. I couldn’t believe that all that hard work had made me heavier. My body fat had stayed the same, so I had put on four pounds of muscle.”

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