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Complaints and corrections

Latest resolved complaints dealt with by the PCC. This story 21.5.2003

The majority of complaints made to the Press Complaints Commission, which raise a possible breach of the Code of Practice, are resolved directly between the Commission’s staff, editors and complainants.

These are either settled to the express satisfaction of the complainant following some remedial action by the editor or are not pursued by complainants following an explanation or other response from the publication.

Listed here are summaries of complaints involving the regional press which fall into the first category.

Uxbridge Gazette
Mr T Mellor of Middlesex complained that the newspaper had made a mistake in its publication of his letter by accidentally omitting the word ‘fourth’ in his reference to Britain as ‘the world’s fourth richest economy’. (Clause 1)
Resolution: The newspaper republished the letter with an editorial note.

Scarborough Evening News
Bill Nightingale of Scarborough complained that an article inaccurately stated that he and his wife had closed a sub-post office into which they had recently moved. (Clause 1)
Resolution: The newspaper published a correction.

Blackpool Evening Gazette
Liverpool City Council complained that a comment column had inaccurately referred to an alleged decision to ban hot cross buns because they might offend non-Christians. In fact, no such decision was taken and no ban exists at all. (Clause 1)
Resolution: The columnist published a correction – including a statement from the Council – and apology in her next column.

The Sentinel
Joanne Read complained that an article that quoted her response to a rise in incidents of indecent exposure had published her name, photograph and details of her employment. (Clause 6)
Resolution: The newspaper apologised to the complainant and reminded its staff to be constantly aware of the position in which they might inadvertently place members of the public.

Hull Daily Mail
Mrs L M Smith, of East Yorkshire, complained that an article about the death of her husband, compiled with the co-operation of his daughters but not his wife, contained inaccurate and intrusive details. (Clauses 1,5)Resolution: The complaint was resolved when the newspaper published an apology.

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