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Reporter joins naked bike ride – but keeps his clothes on

Argus reporter Nigel Freedman didn’t know where to look when he covered a naked bike ride through Brighton and Hove at the weekend.

Almost 200 people threw caution to the wind to ride in various states of undress.

A daring 30 or so people cycled as naked as the day they were born, while others went topless or had body paint, flowers, fig leaves and even a flower pot covering their more intimate areas.

Nigel grabbed his own bike to try to keep up with the cyclists – but he decided to keep his clothes on.

He said: “Cycling was the only way I could keep up with them and it was a really fun day. There was a whole range of people taking part.”

This picture of him not quite knowing where to look, and instead opting to close his eyes, was taken by Argus photographer Simon Dack.

It was the second time Brighton had staged the World Naked Bike Ride, aiming to highlight issues of oil dependency and the vulnerability of cyclists on the road, while celebrating the human body.