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Cringeworthy moments laid bare

Liz Payne, from the Accrington Observer, couldn’t help but notice the howlers Jeremy Condliffe sent in from his time there.

She told HoldTheFrontPage: “It’s now my job to record those cringeworthy moments here – so here are a few.”

Observer “Did-I-really-say-that?” moments:

Louise: “This man has been taken into a back alley and has cuts and bruises and a broken cheekbone. Is it fair to say he was beaten up?”

Stuart (deadpan): “So, is DI Eastwood’s first name Clint?” To which Louise (not getting the joke at all) answered: “No, it’s Bob.”

Mervyn: “Do flies come in any other colour than black?”

Observer staff demonstrating their tact, sympathy and diplomacy skills:

Darren checks baby death before informing Mervyn that it was a stillborn.Mervyn: “Still what?” This is followed by: “Leave that then, we only do dead people that have lived.”

Phil to father of young chap who died that day: “Oh, hello, I’m sorry to ring you on the day your son died, but I just wondered if you’d like to talk about it!”

Observer staff demonstrating their intelligence:

Mervyn to office: “How come we don’t go out for lunch on Friday’ any more?”
Darren replies: “Maybe we will now it’s getting lighter.”

Bloke decapitated after putting his head on railway line. Janet replies: “There can’t have been much left of his head.” Then adds: “Mind you, it depends which way he was lying.”

Darren (trying to decide what he’s doing for Christmas and New Year): “So, what date is Boxing Day on this year?”

Stuart: “Does anyone know what street Melbourne Street Christian Institute is on?” (after looking in the phone book without any joy)

Observer staff demonstrating their wit:

Darren to almost any fit work experience girl: “You can share my spike any time!”

Phil: “Do you know how to spell Alzheimer’s?
Jim: “I’ve forgotten!”

Mervyn referring to who’s going to do an interview: “Lee, are you going to do the girl this afternoon?”
Lee: “No, but I’ll be talking to her anyway.”

Observer staff who think they are working for News of the World:

Jim (suggesting title of new fitness page): “What about ‘Don’t be a fat bastard’?”

Mervyn: “I wonder if Lindsay Morris (local lass turned Page 3 girl) needs a father figure?”
Jim: “If I was her father I’d still be bathing her.”

Lee, reading out a story that Louise did about a man retiring from work, said: “You’ve put here that he got a Gleneagles paperweight and a travel cock.”
Louise’s response: “Ooh, that’s really tickled my fancy!”

These words of wisdom were uttered by current and past Observer staff: Editor Mervyn Kay, deputy editor Margaret Cheesbrough, news editor Janet Woolley, sports editor Jim Wilkinson and reporters Liz Payne, Louise Cummings, Donna McKenzie, Philip Harris, Darren Bentley and Stuart Robertson.

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