2 February 2015

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Newspaper’s WI report hailed as best ever

A retired sea captain captured by Somali pirates five years ago got a surprise when he gave a talk to a local Womens’ Institute about his experiences.

The North Devon Journal’s initial coverage of the talk in today’s paper has been hailed in a Tweet by former Hull Daily Mail editor John Meehan as “the best WI report ever.”

The paper has since given the story rather fuller treatment on its website, including a picture of the WI members in their pirate costumes.

Captain Colin Darch told the paper it was more like a scene from the Pirates of Penzance than anything like he had experienced while he being held hostage.

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  1. Elizabeth, Leicester

    Saw the pictures of the lovely WI members attired as pirates, with a surprised Captain Darch, and coverage of their story . It cheered me up no end, what a heart warming tale, thankfully it all ended happily for everyone concerned. Bet he gave a very interesting talk and now makes sure in future that his prospective audiences know what to expect in terms of reality rather than a fictional Johnny Depp style account!

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