26 January 2015

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Regional daily ‘will smell of bread’

Its patch is usually more renowned for the aroma of fresh fish – but today’s edition of the Grimsby Telegraph will smell of bread!

In what is believed to be a first for a regional newspaper, the Northcliffe title is using the latest in ink technology as part of a week-long promotional campaign.

Editor Michelle Lalor said:  “Whilst news is, of course, our bread and butter, issuing a scratch ‘n’ sniff newspaper is a bit of fun to link in with a great promotion.

“We have been celebrating the brilliance of bread all week. As well as giving away toasters and toastie makers, it culminates in a free bread baton with every copy of the Grimsby Telegraph sold at Tesco Cleethorpes tomorrow – and the paper smelling of bread!

“We understand we are the first regional newspaper in the country to use the ink that gives the pages of the paper an aroma.

“3D technology is the latest in the visual world – we’re taking it to a different level in probably the first technological breakthrough since newspapers went colour.”

The “smell” is added to yellow ink before printing – and other aromas are also available.

Michelle said the paper hoped to double its sale at Tescos as a result of the move.


  1. Dave

    Really? Really?

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  2. Roger Jones, Bedworth, Warwickshire

    Anything that brings in more dough and helps to preserve jobs has got to be good.
    Scratch ‘n’ sniff is nothing new. When I was assistant publications editor with 3M UK in the mid-1970s we brought a strawberry to life in 3M Scope magazine thanks to scratch ‘n’ sniff and it can still be whiffed today.
    The editor was Martin Ridley, who went on to work for Westland Helicopters in Yeovil. Does anyone know where he is today?

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  3. Homer


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  4. Captain Birdseye

    Bread ! , Grimsby, should be Mackerel my hearties !

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  5. Ex-HDM Sub

    Is there really any knead…. another bad joke by me, i must need a holiday! Interesting idea, but very much doubt it will increase sales in the long term.

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  6. JP hack

    Most local newspapers these days stink of….no, best not go there…

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  7. Neil Hodge

    Why not just try writing some news stories and features that people can’t get access to for free anywhere else (ie – not press release or diary date material) to sell the paper? Just a thought…

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  8. Steve Dyson

    Blimey, this rang a bell and had me up in the loft looking for an interview I remembered. Found it! Ian Dowell, former Birmingham Evening Mail editor, when asked by his new Trinity Mirror management to think ‘outside the box’, quipped: “In ten years time when [readers] finish the paper they should be able to eat it. We should add calcium, protein, vitamins and different flavours on each day of the week. Monday could be a vegetarian night, balti on Wednesday and on Thursdays the main paper could be Hungarian goulash and the jobs pull-out an apricot cheesecake.” (Retirement interview by Jon Slattery, Press Gazette, 30.3.01, page 21.)

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  9. Watching from afar

    Knead all about it!
    I suppose this is one way local papers can still earn a crust!

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  10. Ex-Insider

    A smart move. Readers enjoy a novelty. Years ago we we stuck a free packet of seeds to the front page. Completely buggered the layout but sales went through the roof.

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  11. Nick

    Won’t it make tomorrow’s chip wrappers smell a little strange?

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  12. Merganser

    Mackerel? Grimsby? Shouldn’t it be haddock or cod?

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