26 January 2015

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PA marks Jubilee by publishing first eBook

The Press Association has marked the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this weekend by producing its first ever eBook.

Entitled simply Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, the digital publication uses a visual timeline to track key events in the Queen’s 60-year reign and includes 250 rarely-seen PA images.

They include the Queen horseriding with US president Ronald Reagan, Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth with their nanny as small children, and Prince William raising a laugh during photos celebrating Prince Harry’s christening.

Produced as part of PA’s strategy of exploring new and innovative ways of delivering content, it is designed to allow the agency to share some of its rarer archive images with more people than ever before.

Managing director Tony Watson said: “PA has been charting the key moments, people and events in the Queen’s life since before her coronation.

“The Diamond Jubilee provides an ideal opportunity to explore our extensive photo archive, which includes over 18 million images, and share some of the rarer images we have of the Queen during her 60 years as monarch.

“We are always exploring new ways of using the wealth of content PA generates on a daily basis, and producing an eBook is the ideal way of sharing hundreds of photos in a simple way.”

Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee is now available for free on the iBookstore on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, or at www.itunes.com/ibookstore.



  1. John H

    Very good book, downloaded it earlier.

    Don’t see why it is free though, must have been costly (in time) to produce. Therefore funded partly by the regional and national press subscriptions.

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  2. TR

    I notice PA has also sold regionals a Jubilee pullout. It includes a timeline celebrating 60 ‘glorious’ years including events such as the Stephen Lawrence murder, genocide in Africa etc… Glorious

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  3. Magda Chrysaphiades

    Very disappointed that I can’t read this as I don’t have an iPad, or iPhone .

    Why is it not available for MacBook ?

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