27 January 2015

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Employment agency launched by regional publisher

A regional publisher is branching out into recruitment with the launch of an employment agency business.

The Midlands News Association, which publishes the Wolverhampton-based Express and Star, has created standalone agency Star Employment Services.

The agency will operate from dedicated shop premises at the MNA’s headquarters in Wolverhampton, and will be led by experienced employment agency manager Mike Clare overseen by group classified advertisement manager Lee Smith, both pictured below.

Star Employment Services is believed to be the first recruitment agency set up by a regional publisher and the company hopes it will be a new revenue stream.

MNA managing director Phil Inman said: “We know we are entering a competitive market but we can draw upon our strong experience of local recruitment and the local high regard for our brands.

“The Express and Star has established an unrivalled reach and been a trusted part of life in the region for 130 years.

“We are certain we can establish a successful new business and remain committed to seeking revenue opportunities to complement the core publishing.”

The agency aims to place temporary and permanent staff with employers across the West Midlands and recruitment consultants will offer a range of services, including online ads, candidate screening and CV matching.

Lee said: “We have put in place a three year plan to generate a significant new revenue stream for the MNA.

“Star Employment Services will be led by Mike Clare, who brings 12 years of experience in local employment agency management to the business.

“We believe we have the team in place to succeed and look forward to placing our first staff with local employers.”


  1. Bluestringer

    How very, very odd.

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  2. Tog

    Next, MNA diversify into another area and open a coffee shop, named Star… oh, never mind.

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  3. Tsk

    Good idea and an obvious extension to selling recruitment ads. I bet other publishers will be watching with interest.

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  4. Shropper

    They’ve still got plenty of journos and there’s a Walkabout next door – it’s the obvious next step

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  5. BlueNose

    We’ve seen US companies that have diversified to non core products (banner / display ads) do better in the long run. A brave but seemingly sensible move, regional publishers should watch this with interest.

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  6. Bluestringer

    Stand by for local newspapers to open up used-car sale rooms and estate agencies to “complement the core publishing.”

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  7. oldhack

    did not reed regional newspapers which morphed in to Newesquest start life making bog rolls?
    And before you say it, yes.. I know what you are thinking…

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