25 January 2015

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Northcliffe’s top two executives to bow out

The two most senior executives at regional publisher Northcliffe Media are to retire, it was announced to staff today.Managing director Michael Pelosi is bowing out after 22 years with the company, with his place to be taken by Steve Auckland, currently managing director at Metro.

Mr Pelosi is to remain with the company until the end of the year, but in a different role working with A&N Media chief executive Kevin Beatty on group-wide initiatives.

Also standing down is Mr Pelosi’s deputy, Alex Leys, who is retiring after a 28-year career with the company which included several regional editorships.

Linda Grant, currently group commercial development director, will replace Mr Auckland at Metro.

All are due to take up their new posts after a short handover period.

Announcing the move to staff, Mr Beatty said: “There will be opportunities in the future to acknowledge the huge contribution that both Michael and Alex have made to the group.

“In the meantime I am sure you will join me in wishing them all every success.”


  1. Still a believer

    A positive move to re-energise what is still a successful regional newspaper business.

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  2. outofit

    Steve Auckland is one of the few advertising-based directors to understand and, dare I say it, even like, editorial and journalists. He showed that at his time as MD of Yorkshire Post Newspapers when he worked closely with the editors and their staff. Congratulations Steve – perhaps there is a future for regional papers after all.

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  3. Phil

    Don’t you guys have any guts…..? Anyone in Northcliffe would agree with my points made in the post you have seen fit to censor.

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  4. HTFP Editor

    Phil, whether or not people would agree with it, what you wrote was clearly libellous and (assuming you are a journalist) you should know that.

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  5. Phil

    Ed…it’s only libellous if its not true……

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  6. Keeper of the Flame

    Hmmmm. Deckchairs. Titanic. Re-arrange. Nuff said Actually no, not enough said. I wonder whay pay-off Messrs Pelosi and Leys are getting? Rest assured their pensions will knock spots of what the rest of us ‘lucky’ enough to have a DMGT pension will hope to get, if at all

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  7. Oh do come on

    @ Keep of the Flame You’re right. We should all be paid the same. I’m a reporter. I work hard. I think I should be paid the same rate as an editor. Doh!

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  8. exypn

    I wish Johnston Press had got Steve to be their replacement for Fry. If anyone could turn their fortunes around it is him. Good luck Steve I worked with you at YPN when it was a proper company!

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  9. Mountjoy Falstaff QC

    Several years back I worked as a traffic warden in the London Brough of Westminster and every three months was issued with a brand new high visibility jacket. I hope this helps move the discussion along

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