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Manchester Evening News in bid to cut smoking deaths

The Manchester Evening News has joined forces with local health chiefs in a bid to tackle the city’s legacy of poor health.

Life expectancy and general health in Greater Manchester is significantly lower than the national average with smoking, drinking and industrial diseases among the biggest causes of early death.

Now the paper has launched a monthly supplement entitled “I Love Me” which is designed to spread the healthy living message.

The supplement, pictured below, has been produced as part of a partnership with the Association of Greater Manchester Primary Care Trusts.

MEN Editor Paul Horrocks said: “The region has too many deaths from smoking-related or diet-related illnesses and that had to change. The question was how to get that message across in a way that entertained readers instead of just lecturing them.

“We came up with the I Love Me – a 12-page supplement that focuses in a magazine-style on key health issues such as smoking, drinking and diet with particular reference to preventing heart deaths and avoiding cancer.

“In each supplement we try and base these health subjects around a celebrity interview, a make-over, a Q and A guide and an attractive poster giving tips on what to do.

“The result has been a pull-out that is fun to read, encourages people to feel better about themselves – and shows them how they can change their lifestyle.”

Jan Hutchinson, chair of the Greater Manchester Directors of Public Health Group, says: “The ten Primary Care Trusts in Greater Manchester work together as an Association and we are delighted to be working with the MEN Media Group, across a range of platforms, to promote health and well being in Greater Manchester.

“On average, the health of the population in Greater Manchester is much worse than across England as a whole. There are also gaps in the health status between the poorest people in Greater Manchester and the rest of the community.”

“Reducing smoking prevalence, promoting a good diet, reducing alcohol consumption and improving physical activity rates will make a massive contribution to improved health in our area.

“Working with the pre-eminent media group in Greater Manchester to promote healthier living is an excellent initiative, enabling us to present these messages in innovative and imaginative ways.”