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Argus calls for public inquiry

The Brighton Evening Argus is running a vigorous campaign for a public inquiry into the town’s child cruelty scandal. Three babies died and four other children lived in squalor while in the care of a 26-year-old Brighton woman and her

Relief for refugees

Two Kosovan refugees, stranded in Exeter by bureaucratic wrangling, are on their way home after their plight was highlighted by the Express & Echo. Kastriot Bakiaj and Altan Sinani, along with Kastriot’s pregnant wife, had fled the conflict in their

Mo Mowlam told of "deep concerns"

The Newspaper Society has written to Cabinet Office Minister Mo Mowlam expressing the newspaper industry’s deep concerns over the threat to freedom of expression posed by new legislation, including the Freedom of Information Bill. The Society has called for all

Secret Society victory for Post

A high-profile Secret Society campaign waged by the Nottingham Evening Post has played a part in forcing the Government to rethink its Freedom of Information Bill. The newspaper had argued that the bill gave public bodies – such as the

Editor retires after 15 years

Home Secretary Jack Straw has paid a glowing tribute to Peter Butterfield, editor of the Lancashire Evening Telegraph, who has announced plans to retire at the end of May. Mr Butterfield, once of the longest-serving editors in the UK regional

Tip-off gives Echo a head start

It’s a news editor’s nightmare. You take a day off and a great story breaks. It happened at the Lincolnshire Echo yesterday, and Editor Mike Sassi was the one who answered the newsdesk telephone at 7.30am and sparked off a

Double campaign delight in Hull

For weeks the Hull Daily Mail has been pursuing Home Secretary Jack Straw for answers to vital questions on policing in Humberside. The paper is running a “Save Our Bobbies” campaign. The Humberside force bid for £7.4m from the Government’s

Paper brings peace of mind

“I dare not close my eyes at night”, was the emotive page one headline on a Hull Daily Mail splash about elderly burglary victim Kate Wilkinson. Mrs Wilkinson, 73, was devastated after being targetted by thieves four times in four

Silence is no defence

You might think that politicians would have learned by now that failing to answer a question is no way to avoid bad publicity. But even mighty Government ministers are still fall into the old trap, as the Hull Daily Mail

Unidentified Headline 46

Barry Beelzebub – The Devil’s AdvocateA weekly column reproduced from the Bristol Evening Post Page 2 of 2 Mark my words, get involved with lawyers and you’ll live to regret it. They’re just money-grabbing sleazeballs with the high moral standards

Why doesn't cannabis affect politicians?

A weekly column reproduced from the Bristol Evening Post Why doesn’t cannabis have any effect on embryonic politicians? I ask this because every single MP who admits to having dabbled with the drug insists that they only tried it once

French gardeners and smoking Thunderbirds

A weekly column reproduced from the Bristol Evening Post Page 1 of 2 Anyone who has ever visited Normandy will have embedded in their memory the rows and rows of white crosses running as far as the eye can see

In Big Brother's house

A weekly column reproduced from the Bristol Evening Post Amazingly enough, I am sometimes accused by middle class, sandal-wearing tree-huggers of unfairly reinforcing racial stereotypes. You know the kind of thing: the Welsh are short, dark and untrustworthy; the Scots

Call me Elaine

A weekly column reproduced from the Bristol Evening Post I never thought that I’d write this, but the treatment handed out to our football fans by the newspapers, television and the politicians this week has been an absolute disgrace. England

Biggles is back

A weekly column reproduced from the Bristol Evening Post Chocks away! Biggles is on his way back! The rights to all 92 of Captain W.E. Johns’ legendary tales of derring-do have been bought up by a film producer who now

Hooligan shame

A weekly column reproduced from the Bristol Evening Post There can be no greater condemnation of the state of this nation than the ugly scenes that took place in Copenhagen last Wednesday. A bunch of flabby, pizza-faced yobs, brains deadened