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City FC's future is close to safety

Another football club in crisis has led to another regional newspaper fighting to save the future of its local team, Bath City. This time it is the turn of the Bath Chronicle, which is asking readers to join its Share

Bath danger drivers to be named and shamed

A campaign to crack down on road safety dangers around schools is to get a new push as the school term starts this week. The Bath Chronicle photographers will be out and about snapping cars that are parked on the

Chronicle helps in drink drive battle as figures drop

A Bath Chronicle campaign is helping fight the battle against drink-driving and reduce the number of motorists caught over the limit. The number of drink drive tests being carried out in the Bath area has risen, but the number of

Team scheme praised

Road safety officials have praised a Bath Chronicle campaign that names and shames dangerous driving and parking outside schools. Photos printed in the paper even show mums and dads ignoring traffic cones at the side of the road to drop

Desperate appeal for organ donors

Don’t let the Alder Hey scandal put you off – that’s the message from two newspapers as they try to attract more organ donors. Both the Western Morning News and the Bath Chronicle have launched campaigns urging readers to sign

Name and shame threat keeps drink-drivers off the roads

A drink-drive name and shame campaign is being praised for its part in keeping offenders of the roads around Bath during Christmas and New Year. Police say the fact people knew they would be named, and their photos put in

From hot metal to computer wizardry

Page 1 of 2 As part of a series of features to mark the 125th anniversary of the Bath Chronicle, Emily Williamson looked at the changes in newspaper production over the years. Crashing computers may be the bane to today’s

The Bath girls who gave Thursdays a lift

Young women in Bath queued up to appear in the Bath Chronicle’s Thursday Girls slot. Samantha Walker-Sowden found out more in a feature to mark the paper’s 125th anniversary. For many Bath beauties in the 1960s and ’70s, Thursday became

Getting the news out despite strike action

Page 1 of 2 Bath Chronicle readers always got their news, even if, as Emily Williamson discovers, it wasn’t always conventionally printed. This article was originally published to celebrate 125 years of the Chronicle. There’s not much that has been

People's time is our only real competitor

The Bath Chronicle has just celebrated its 125th year as a daily newspaper. Here, editor David Gledhill explains why he is upbeat about the paper’s future. Since 1877 the Chronicle has fought off the competition to stay the prime source

How Tina broke new ground among staff

Page 1 of 2 Former women’s editor Tina Currie didn’t let a little thing like having children get in the way of producing her weekly column. She shared her memories with readers to mark 125 years of the Bath Chronicle.

Putting the past in focus

Page 4 of 4 Twice in his career Brian has been offered the mostly desk-based job of chief photographer and twice he has returned to the passion of taking pictures and meeting people. In his career, there have also been

Picture of human tragedy

Page 1 of 2 As Brian Stevens retires from the Bath Chronicle, he talks to the paper’s Matt Cardy about his memories of photographing the terrible scenes at the Aberfan disaster in Wales For Brian, the sight of the pictures

Putting the past in focus

Page 1 of 4 Retiring after 40 years with The Bath Chronicle, Brian Stevens talks to fellow photographer Matt Cardy about his career He has been punched, kicked and stabbed. Yet, for the last 40 years, Brian Stevens has come

Chronicle still in poll position

With the general election safely over, The Chronicle took a look back at some of the most exciting political moments in Bath’s recent history – all of which have been covered by the paper. This year’s Chronicle journalists were not

40m adults a week read local newspapers: Latest ABCs

Local newspaper readership has grown to 40m adults every week, according to new figures issued by the Audit Bureau of Circulations. The latest figures for July-December 2003 show the fastest-growing UK regional paid-for weekly is the Mansfield CHAD, adding 28.4