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Local journalists across the UK are striking blows for press freedom on a daily basis, whether by challenging wrongly-imposed reporting restrictions in court cases, tabling freedom of information requests to public bodies, or generally seeking to uncover information about how we are governed.

On this page you will find an index of all the stories we have carried about regional press newspapers, websites and journalists who have stood up for the public’s right to know.

Freedom of Information pointers on offer

The Campaign for Freedom of Information is running training courses to help journalists make effective use of The Freedom of Information Act, which comes into force on January 1. The Act will require public authorities to reveal information which previously

Local press to provide forum for debate under FOI

Journalists on local newspapers will find that the rules behind releasing Freedom of Information data will help them to do their job, according to regional press man Paul Francis. Paul, who is political editor for the Kent Messenger Group, predicted

Public bodies 'not ready' for Freedom of Information

Some public bodies are unlikely to be ready for all the demands of the new Freedom of Information Act when it becomes law in the New Year, according to a parliamentary report. The idea was that all authorities should open