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City news title aims to raise £60k with ‘anti-bulls***’ drive

A city news title has urged its readers to turn their backs on “bullshit” after launching a drive to raise £60,000 for its journalism.

The Bristol Cable has launched the bid to increase its membership revenue, currently produced by 2,500 subscribers, by 50pc within the next 12 months.

The campaign has been launched with the name ‘Beyond the Bulls#!t’ and features slogans including ‘Give Murdoch the finger, give the Cable a fiver’.

Goals include enlisting more than 250 new members to pay £5 a month and increasing the number of current members paying that amount by 25pc, which would raise £30,000, and signing up a further 30 ‘Patron’ members to give £1,000 a year to the organisation.

Eliz Minon

It has coincided with the relaunch of the Cable’s member offer, which includes a new newsletter, greater event discounts, and the opportunity to get WhatsApp alerts for all of its content.

Cable strategy lead Eliz Minon, pictured, said: “In 2024 we reach a decade of operation, and in that time we’ve managed to increase our membership from 100 to 2,500.

“We’ve done this through excellent journalistic work, getting results for people in Bristol, and word of mouth – so we’re excited to see what we can do when we invest in a large-scale, targeted effort to increase our people power.

“We have an ambitious target to increase our membership income by 50pc within a year.

“If successful, this campaign will put us firmly down the path to a long-term sustainable business model for investigative journalism at the local level.”

In a further explainer about the campaign, the Cable said: “Corporate media thrives on profit, sensationalism and compromised integrity that corrodes our society. It bends to private interests, breeding shallow narratives that serve the rich and powerful while eroding truth.

“On top of this, AI remains a looming threat, void of emotion and empathy – the core values that set the Bristol Cable apart. Locals have told us repeatedly they’re tired of corporate media, demanding truth and genuine voices.

“The Bristol Cable has not only survived but thrived for almost a decade. But a lot of Bristolians still don’t know about the Bristol Cable.

“We’ve held power to account through groundbreaking investigations, campaigns for change, and amplifying marginalised voices. Without independent, investigative media, we lose truth, integrity and diverse perspectives.

“The future of independent, hard-hitting media is in your hands. If you are anti-corporates, anti-oligarchs and anti-bullshit, then it’s time to back the Cable – the pioneering local media outlet that dares to challenge, inform, and inspire, for a better, fairer future.

“No clickbait. No spin. Just real, proper journalism. You’d be mad not to keep it alive.”