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Editorial chief brands nuclear bomb stories ‘childish scaremongering’

IanCarterEditorialDirectorKM (1)An editorial boss has branded stories speculating on the damage nuclear bombs would do as “childish scaremongering”.

Ian Carter, editorial director of Iliffe Media, has urged regional titles not to run such pieces, saying those that do are “inventing irresponsible scare stories”.

Ian’s criticism comes after Vladimir Putin ordered Russia’s military to put its nuclear deterrence forces on “high alert”.

The move follows global condemnation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine last week.

Ian, pictured, raised the issue of speculative reporting about nuclear warfare on Twitter on Sunday.

He wrote: “I’m reading some fantastic, informative journalism from Ukraine.

“I’m also reading one of the most desperate-for-clicks stories I’ve ever seen about how a certain location in the UK could be obliterated if Putin dropped a nuclear bomb on it.

“I’m not one to rubbish other people’s efforts, but this kind of childish scaremongering reflects badly on the rest of us too.

“The regional media do a great job, but what’s unfolding in Ukraine is bad enough without inventing irresponsible scare stories.”

HTFP understands the story to which Ian was referring has since been deleted by the publisher concerned.