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Journalist ‘annnoyed’ at TV depictions of policing after debut novel research

Steve OrmeA journalist says he has become annoyed by “wrong and inauthentic” television depictions of policing after researching for his debut novel.

Steve Orme has published his debut novel Storm Deaths, much of which is based on his time on the Burton Mail – and begins with the discovery of a young journalist’s body on a cycle path.

Steve, who has also taught at Nottingham Trent University, was inspired to write the novel after reaching the finals of a new crime writers competition run by TV channel Alibi.

He has described the book as “enthralling” and “authentic” after consulting people in the police force about how crimes are investigated.

Steve, pictured, told the Mail: “In my time at Nottingham Trent, our journalism students used to hold practice press conferences with real members of the force.

“I didn’t know much about how the police worked, so I spoke to the people who would run these events.

“They’ve helped me put together the novel and have given me tips on how crime investigations work.

“I get annoyed when I’m watching TV now and they show something wrong and inauthentic. My book is the opposite of that.”