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Editor says front page Christmas ‘thank you’ after seeing health staff abuse

An editor dedicated a Christmas front page to health workers after seeing staff being “left in tears” from abuse at a vaccination centre.

Kentish Gazette editor Joe Walker was inspired to run the splash yesterday after witnessing the incident while waiting to receive his coronavirus booster jab.

Joe was at a vaccination centre in Herne Bay when a staff member came outside and said a young girl had been abused by someone “annoyed at queuing for so long”.

Speaking to HTFP, he said the abused staff member “was only 19 and had been left in tears”.

KG thanks

Joe added: I just thought these workers really don’t get the thanks they deserve for doing such a tireless job, especially given how torrid the last couple of years have been

“I decided the best way we could show our appreciation was to give over our Christmas front page to just some of the thousands of people locally who help keep our health services running.

“We asked local GPs leading the vaccine rollouts and the team at East Kent Hospitals to send us pictures, and we managed to squeeze close to 100 on the front.”

Joe went on to praise the work of Dave Hobday in the Gazette’s design team for doing “a brilliant job pulling it all together” despite the number of pictures “almost crashing” the newspaper’s computer system.

He added: “We also invited readers to send in personal messages of thanks, which made for a pretty heartwarming spread inside.

“I hope the recipients get to read them, so they know just how much their efforts are genuinely appreciated.

“For every idiot annoyed at queuing a little longer than they would have liked there are a thousand people who empathise with the challenges faced by our health workers.

“They definitely deserve a little thanks this Christmas.”