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Daily journalist reveals four stone weight loss during pandemic

A regional daily journalist has revealed how he lost four stone during the coronavirus lockdown.

Ellis Whitehouse, who works at Essex daily The Echo, has dropped from 19 stone to under 15 stone over the course of the past year.

Ellis says he was motivated to lose weight after seeing a photograph of himself on Christmas Day 2019, which “almost repulsed” him.

He has since replicated the photo on Christmas Day 2020, showing the transformation.

Ellis on Christmas Day 2019, left, and in the same pose exactly a year later

Ellis on Christmas Day 2019, left, and in the same pose exactly a year later

Writing about it in a piece published at the weekend, Ellis said: “By the time we were in [the first national] lockdown, I was approaching losing two stone. The world was looking horrendous, so I knew I couldn’t let the work I’d done go to waste.

“I had to latch on to weight loss as something to strive for and achieve despite everything else.”

He added: “Walking did wonders; I would encourage everyone who can to walk every day. It clears your head, lets you escape from everything and lets you accomplish something.

“I can honestly say I’ve never enjoyed exercise, it’s always felt more of a chore. But walking just feels like a nice hobby.

“I achieved this while working through a lockdown in a busy reporting job.

“Do not limit yourself because of what’s going on around you. Change is possible, you just need to find the right route.”

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