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Daily tells Boris he is a ‘squatter in Downing Street’ in open letter

BorisA daily newspaper has told Boris Johnson he will be a “squatter in Downing Street” until he is “brave enough to face the electorate.”

The Daily Record published an open letter to Mr Johnson, pictured, this morning, ahead of his confirmation as victor in the Tory leadership contest.

Rightly predicting the result of today’s ballot, the Glasgow-based Record hit out at the new PM and described him as the “least suitable incumbent of the highest office in the land in British history.”

Mr Johnson won the support of 66pc of Conservative members in the vote to defeat rival Jeremy Hunt.

In its editorial, the Record said: “You’ve promised [Tory members] the earth, now it looks like you might have to take them to the end of it.

“You take up the mantle of Prime Minister at a moment of deep crisis as the least suitable incumbent of the highest office in the land in British history.

“Never in our modern democracy was anyone less suitable chosen by so few to rule over so many.”

The Record went on to attack Mr Johnson’s record in office, as well as his false claim last week that EU regulations were forcing a company in the Isle of Man to send a kipper in chilled packaging.

The editorial added: “It turns out the regulations are British, not European, and a very sensible measure to prevent listeria.

“As Gordon Brown pointed out, more people voted for candidates on Strictly Come Dancing than will have voted to make you Prime Minister.

“Until you are brave enough to face the electorate, you’ll only ever be seen as a squatter in Downing Street.

“But the kipper tells us a lot about what your choice is likely to be. After all, you and the kipper have a lot in common – you both have two faces and no guts.”

The Liverpool Echo has also run a critical piece on Mr Johnson following this lunchtime’s announcement, saying its patch is “preparing for the very worst” under his premiership.

While editor of The Spectator magazine, Mr Johnson gave the green light to a column by Simon Heffer which claimed natives of Liverpool “wallow” in “victim status.”

Echo political editor Liam Thorp wrote: “When Boris Johnson meets the Queen tomorrow and asks permission to form a government, there will be fear and anxiety across the country.

“But no part of this country will look upon the coronation of the tousle-haired, bumbling Tory MP with as much concern and disdain as Merseyside.”

Liam added: “Most Scousers won’t need reminding of the manner in which Johnson has treated this region in the past. He infamously edited and published a hugely offensive article which managed to smear the entire city following the tragic murder of Liverpool engineer Ken Bigley in Iraq in 2004.

“The Spectator magazine’s words about the people of this city – penned by Simon Heffer but approved and published by our new Prime Minister – were overflowing with contempt, scorn and gruesome arrogance.”

HTFP has approached Mr Johnson’s office for a comment.


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  • July 23, 2019 at 3:13 pm

    They might have a surprise if an election is called and the choice is Boris, Corbyn or Swinson – not exactly spoilt for choice are we?

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  • July 23, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    Be surprised if Boris sees out his term. British politics is at its lowest ebb.

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  • July 24, 2019 at 5:31 pm

    The Daily Record is a regional, rather than a national newspaper. It gives itself the “national” designation because the country it represents is so small as to be insignificant in the real world. The Daily Record says Boris Johnson would be “a disaster for Scotland”. But Scotland doesn’t need anyone’s help. It’s already a disaster,

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