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Daily hits streets with garden gnome in bid to find patch’s worst potholes

A regional daily has launched a bit to find the worst potholes on its patch – using its very own garden gnome.

The Edinburgh Evening News has introduced readers to the gnome, called ‘Pothole Pete’, to measure the depth of potholes, divots and broken surfaces on the Scottish capital’s roads.

The newspaper is campaigning for more investment to reduce the impact of potholes in Edinburgh and the Lothians, and splashed on Pete’s introduction yesterday.

The gnome, who features EEN branding on his hat, was created by artist Chris Rutterford for the paper.

Edibnurgh potholes

He told the EEN: “The gnome was actually a foul-mouthed character and was giving us the birdy initially, so I had to cut his hand off.

“I then made the ruler out of a coat hanger and moulded a new hand out of a mix of epoxy and plasticine so he was holding the ruler straight.

“I marked up the ruler so it looked as real as possible and painted on the Evening News masthead before varnishing and putting the final touches to Pete.

“My poor van gets a pounding so anything I can do for the cause, I am delighted to help.”

EEN news editor Iain Pope told HTFP: “It’s Pothole Pete’s first week on duty and he’s got half a dozen holes to jump into already, so it seems to be off to a good start.

“A lot of councillors in opposition are trying to point out holes and the ones in power are sick of the sight of him.”