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Transport chiefs to spend £1m fixing potholes after weekly’s campaign

Transport chiefs are to spend £1m fixing potholes on a weekly’s patch after the newspaper launched a campaign on the issue.

The Ayrshire Post started its Pothole Patrol drive last month in a bid to highlight the issue of crumbling roads across the county.

The Post urged readers to name and shame the worst potholes and send pictures of them in a bid to “shame” Ayrshire Roads Alliance, a partnership between East Ayrshire and South Ayrshire Councils, into taking action.

The alliance has now pledged to act as a result.

Ayrshire pothole

Post editor Gary Fanning told HTFP: “Since we launched our Pothole Patrol last month to fix dangerous potholes and crumbling pavements across Ayrshire, our phone lines have been red hot with disgruntled drivers telling us about the worst pot holes in their area.

“People had been fed up with authorities squandering council tax payers’ money by patching potholes and not doing the repairs properly.

“Following our campaign, the Ayrshire Roads Alliance announced they are spending an extra £1m to fix potholes in our circulation area.

“The Ayrshire Post is Scotland’s weekly newspaper of the year and we want to highlight issues that have an effect on our readers and their community.”