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Journalist turned ‘sarcastic, sweary’ blogger returns as columnist for old paper

Helen CopsonA regional daily’s former deputy news editor is returning as a columnist after starting a “sarcastic, sweary and hilariously honest” hit blog about parenting.

Helen Copson spent 15 years with the Plymouth Herald, and is now set to write for its sister website Plymouth Live.

Helen’s column comes after she launched a blog last year called ‘Twins, Tantrums and Cold Coffee’, which documents her life as the mother of three boys aged under three.

She gave birth to twins Toby and Isaac, known affectionately in her blog as Twin One and Twin Two, in June last year – just two days before her toddler Thomas celebrated his second birthday.

Helen, pictured, told Plymouth Live: “I was 37 when I had Toby and Isaac, and apparently once you pass 35 your body shoots out eggs all over the place, so the chance of having twins is much, much higher. Seems I missed that bit in biology lessons as I had no idea. We had only planned on having two children, so it was literally the last thing I wanted!

“I find so much of what people post on social media, is the perfect image of family life they want you to believe. But let’s face it, no family is perfect, and dealing with two screaming, colicky babies at the same time as a two-year-old having a meltdown, whilst your husband works away, isn’t exactly perfect.

“There are great days, but there are also days I’d happily swap the lot of them for a day at the spa, or even five minutes peace and to be able to wash my hair. If they’re totally honest I can’t imagine many mums haven’t felt the same at some point. It’s just I happen to be saying it out loud and writing about it.

“It’s not a blog about how you should parent. There are enough of those online, and I’m by no means an expert. It’s also not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s just an honest, often sarcastic and funny account of what thousands of other mums are going through every day. It’s real life, and a way to have a bit of a giggle. The feedback I’ve received has shown that most mums have experienced the same situations at some point.”

Helen’s first column for Plymouth Live can be found here.