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‘Demand for community news’ prompts new magazine launch

A hyperlocal publisher has launched a new magazine in response to what it calls “demand for editorial-led, community focused news”.

The Now Magazines group, based in Cumbria, has produced Kendal and Windermere Now with an initial print run of 13,000.

The next issue of the monthly magazine will see 22,000 copies distributed.

The first magazine in the group, Grange Now, was launched in 1991 but it has since grown to four titles, produced by a 12-strong team led by editor Chris Plumb, pictured.

Chris Plumb 1

Said Chris: “When I took over, Grange Now had been going for more than 20 years. It had always been well received in the local area, but was more in the style of a parish newsletter.

“As I had worked in the print industry, I decided to modernise it and turn it into colour print and run a different style of editorial. It’s a formula that works.”

“Each member of our team is based geographically in the area they write about, so they really immerse themselves in the community and get to know the issues that are important to them.

“They are all heavily involved, they will go to all the council meetings and events in the community. They can offer readers editorial that is high quality and balanced.

“We take great care to remain neutral and won’t take sides. We champion local issues and we write about what’s important to the local people. We always aim to be a voice for the community.”

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