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Council plans street cleaning cash boost after daily’s campaign

A council is planning to inject additional funding into its street cleaning budget after a regional daily campaign.

Sunderland City Council is planning to include an extra £1.5m for environmental services in its next budget following the Sunderland Echo’s Clean Streets bid.

The Echo launched the campaign last month after 66pc of readers said in a survey that they felt the cleanliness of Sunderland’s public places was poor or very poor.

The proposed cash will be spent on services including cleaning, bin and recycling collections, and prosecuting litter louts and flytippers.

The Echo splashed on the victory for the campaign on Wednesday.

Sunderland clean

Of the campaign, Echo editorial director Joy Yates previously said: “We are grateful to our Echo audience for highlighting, through our survey, the issues they see as priorities in their city.

“We have listened to the feedback and have launched this campaign to focus on a cleaner city.

“This isn’t just the responsibility of our city council – we all have a part to play in having pride in our city and doing all we can to promote a cleaner, smarter Sunderland.”

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  • January 10, 2018 at 11:53 am

    Has the Sunderland Echo no shame? Sunderland City Council began looking at its budgets several months before the Echo started its ‘campaign’. Yes, the council is looking at some extra cash ‘after’ and ‘following’ the campaign, but definitely not ‘because’ of it. Comments making that point have now gone from the Echo’s Facebook pages. Wonder why? Mind, given the Echo’s parlous state, the amount of news it misses, and its poor public reputation, I suppose it has to try and gain some credit.

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