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Archbishop interview sees journalism students’ stories go national

Journalism students saw their stories go national after they landed an exclusive interview with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Five Canterbury Christ Church University multimedia journalism undergraduates spent 30 minutes with Justin Welby, the leader of the Church of England, after he accepted an invitation from course leader Jonny Greatrex.

The series of interviews with Archbishop Welby yielded stories on gun control, homelessness, the Rohingya crisis, tuition fees and nuclear Armageddon.

Initially published on campus media outlet Unified, the lines produced were later picked up on by The Guardian, The Week and Kent Online.

The Archbishop of Canterbury takes questions from students

The Archbishop of Canterbury takes questions from students

Unified editor James Hind and fellow MMJ undergraduate Tom Schwartz conducted a 15 minute face-to-face with the archbishop, while third year student Caitlin Elliott asked him questions on camera along with second years Madeline Goacher and Kallie Worsfold.

James, a 22-year-old third year student, said: “It was a great experience which I learned a lot from. We had lots of lines of questioning but found to get them all in we had to rush.

“Next time I do something like that I think it would be better to pursue one or two things in more depth.”

Caitlin, 21, added: “I was very pleased I got to do it. It was a great opportunity and something which might not happen to me again.

“I learned even though you are interviewing a big figure, if you think of them as a normal person, it helps.”

Jonny, a former Birmingham Mail digital development editor, said: !We made a request just like any media organisation might via his Canterbury-based press officer. He said he was intrigued to see what the students would ask and wanted to give his time to Christ Church as he rarely get chance to come to campus.

“We are very grateful for his time, it was a hugely positive learning experience for our students.”


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  • March 28, 2018 at 11:12 am

    What an awe-inspiring grab photo. Back of a head and a soft focus ArchB.
    UGC at it’s best?
    Toggy bangs his head against nearest brick wall in despair.

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  • March 28, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    I loathe your headline: an interview can’t ‘see’ anything.

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