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Weekly revived in 2014 closes 15 months after management buyout

A weekly newspaper revived two-and-a-half years ago has closed 15 months after its ownership changed hands in a management buyout.

Capital Media has announced the closure of the Westminster & Pimlico News, which is part of the London Weekly News group of newspapers, in a move which also sees the company dispense with the services of a team of freelance contributors.

Capital has claimed the fact that free distribution in Westminster is “extremely difficult”, adding that it had decided to concentrate its efforts on its other Weekly News titles – the Kensington & Chelsea News, Fulham Chronicle, Hammersmith Chronicle and Shepherd’s Bush Chronicle.

The company has also announced the editorial operation of the Weekly News will move to the office of the South London Press, with news editor Geoff Baker, a freelance, among those to lose their job as a result.

Westminster News

The Westminster & Pimlico News was first established in 1857 and was revived as a brand, along with the Kensington and Chelsea News, by Tindle Newspapers in November 2014.

Tindle later sold the titles, along with several others in London and Dorset, to Capital in January 2016.

Capital was formed by Tindle executives Philip Evans, Karen Sheppard and Hannah Walker, who each own a 30pc share in the company, with Tindle founder Sir Ray Tindle owning 10pc.

Capital chief executive Philip Evans said: “I can confirm that we have reluctantly taken the decision to close the Westminster News, part of the London Weekly News Group.

“Free distribution in this part of London is extremely difficult and it was not cost efficient to continue delivering in this area.

“The advertising market in central London is particularly challenging and we have decided to concentrate our efforts on our other titles, the Kensington & Chelsea News , Fulham Chronicle, Hammersmith Chronicle and Shepher’s Bush Chronicle, which are hugely popular with readers and where we get excellent support from advertisers and the local councils.

“At the same time we have decided to move our editorial operation for the London Weekly News into our South London Press office which has resulted in dispensing with the services of a team of freelances, including Geoff Baker who has done and brilliant job since the launch of the titles in November 2014.”

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  • April 20, 2017 at 8:15 am

    Always a great shame to hear of a papers closure after a group of individuals take it on to keep it alive but I wonder if enough thought or consideration is given to why the titles failed or are being closed / sold in the first place?
    Surely any profitable business would be continued which must alert potential buyers to fully investigate the business they’re buying before taking it on?
    Yes all credit to those who wish to save or revive a title from extinction but that’s not reason enough to invest money unless being done as benefactors with no aim for profit or as livelihoods for themselves

    Much investment is needed to launch and fund a profitable business venture yet many launch with little commercial experience or robust plans to grow the finances of the business sufficiently enough to secure its long term future ( although I’m sure that’s not the case here)

    As a suggestion for HTFP ,we often hear of buy outs and only if they fail do they receive coverage on HTFP likewise many other news stories including new ventures are rightly covered yet once the piece has appeared its forgotten unless it makes the news again,so it would be good to have a regular follow up piece on HTFP updating the news stories x months/ year on so we can see the progress or otherwise, I’m sure many if not all would be interested

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