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Weekly marks patch’s 50th birthday with concrete cow unveiling

A weekly newspaper has marked the 50th birthday of its patch by unveiling its own concrete cow.

The MK Citizen celebrated half a century since the founding of Milton Keynes by revealing the bovine statue, called ‘Eddie Tor’.

Eddie is one of 50 concrete cows unveiled at the launch of the ‘Herd About MK’ event, organised as part of the MK50 anniversary celebrations, with 50 of the cows being sponsored by local businesses for charity.

The Citizen splashed on the cow’s unveiling in last week’s edition.

MK Cow

Editor Olga Norford said: “We are delighted to be media partner with Herd About MK which has launched this fantastic project as part of the MK50 birthday celebrations.

“We’re also proud to have our own concrete cow, which as you’d expect is ‘read all over’.”

The cows will now be used in a ‘Hunt the Herd’ event, taking place over the six weeks of the school summer holidays.

The decorated animals will be placed all over Milton Keynes each weekend with the public encouraged to hunt them down to be in with a chance of winning some fabulous prizes.

The original concrete cows in Milton Keynes were created in 1978 by the Canadian artist Liz Leyh and are considered an iconic local sculpture.

The three cows and three calves were constructed from scrap and skinned with fibre glass reinforced concrete donated by a local builder.

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  • April 10, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    The MK Citizen is or was a cracking paper – a real doorstep production as thick as your wrist, packed with property, entertainment, sport, news and features. Biased? Of course I am, I used to work there 1999-2001 when the dream team of Larner, Henderson, Murer and Scribbo were there!

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