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Newspaper’s spoof Trump preview wins worldwide acclaim

A Sunday’s newspaper’s tongue-in-cheek preview of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration has won worldwide acclaim after going viral online.

The Glasgow-based Sunday Herald’s TV preview, which described the forthcoming event as a return of science fiction series ‘The Twilight Zone’ with “one of the most ambitious, expensive and controversial productions in broadcast history”.

The piece written by reviewer Damien Love has since been widely shared on social media, with Star Trek actor George Takei and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane among those to do so.

Herald editor Neil Mackay has now asked the “good people of the world” to get the president-elect to read the piece.

Sunday Herald TV

He tweeted: “Glad to see the world enjoying the Sunday Herald’s brilliant TV reviewer Damien Love at his satirical best today.”

In his preview for the inauguration, set to be held at 4pm on Friday, Damien said the fictional Twilight Zone episode “begins in a nightmarish version of 2017 in which huge sections of the US electorate have somehow been duped into voting to make Donald Trump president”.

He concluded: “It’s a flawed piece, but a disturbing glimpse of the horrors we could stumble into, if we’re not careful.”

Neil told HTFP: “Damien is one of the best TV critics in the business. I’ve been saying for years Damien Love is a must read, and if you miss him you’re missing one of the best writers in Britain.

“He’s a very humble a modest guy so this had completely blindsided him, but I’m delighted he’s got the credit he deserves.

“Being able to tweak Donald Trump’s tail a couple of days before the inauguration is delightful.”