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Regional daily journalist experiences life as blind person on patch

A regional daily journalist experienced life as a blind person on his patch in a feature for the newspaper.

Bolton News reporter Thomas George navigated the town while wearing glasses replicating total blindness, along with a walking stick.

Thomas undertook the challenge to mark World Sight Day, which was earlier this month.

He was aided by Bolton Lions Club, which is campaigning to raise awareness of the issue.

Thomas Georger

Of his experience, Thomas wrote: “Upon trying on the glasses, I immediately felt unsettled about being unable to see anything while trying to navigate a public setting.

“I found that even trying to walk a few yards while completely blind is a challenge, and without the support of an aid, it is likely I would have ended up veering off into the wall of windowpane of a nearby shop.

“I was forced to rely on my other senses, and even with support, it was disconcerting not to have full control over where I was walking.

“The experience taught me that it is easy to take for granted how much you rely on your vision until you are deprived of it, even if only temporarily.

“Now, more than ever, I appreciate the difficulties partially sighted individuals experience on a daily basis, particularly in public places such as the town centre.”