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Marketing body launches new promotional ad for regional press industry

A promotional advertisement for local newspapers has been produced by the regional press industry’s marketing body.

Local Media Works has released the new filler ad for member local and regional media publishers highlighting the high levels of trust in local newsbrands.

Print and digital versions of the ad are available in different sizes on the LMW website for local publishers to download and run in their titles.

The organisation says the poster aims to “highlight the industry’s commitment to investing in highly trusted local journalism”.


LMW chairman Craig Nayman said: “The current debates around the impact of fake news and programmatic advertising demonstrate the critical importance of being able to trust information and the source you are receiving it from.

“Local media, in print and digital, is trusted more than any other media because we invest in quality local journalism. Our readers and advertisers expect this from us.

“As the environment for commercial messaging falls under the spotlight it is absolutely right for local media to shout about its strengths.”

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  • March 6, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    “..“highlight the industry’s commitment to investing in highly trusted local journalism”. where exactly is this happening please?
    Alll i see and hear about are good time served staff leaving,offices being closed and a refocus on “content” “sponsored content” and listicles coupled with heavier workloads for the souls left in the reduced editorial teams,too scared to do anything other than accept everything thats dumped on them.
    On the contray the move across the main publishers is to pay lip service to ” quality journalism” whilst adopting a real time shove it out as quickly and cheaply as possible policy

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