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New newspaper launched to cover new town

A new fortnightly newspaper covering a new town has been launched by an independent publisher.

The Cranbrook News has been set up by Stuart Clarke, who founded Dartmoor fortnightly paper The Moorlander last year.

The News will cover Cranbrook, near Exeter, which currently contains around 3,000 homes but is expected to double in size over the course of the next decade.

The 24-page News will have an initial print run of 2,000 and will be delivered across the town, as well as being given away at Cranbrook railway station on alternate Friday evenings when commuters are getting off trains from Exeter and London.

Cranbrook News

The Moorlander and the News are produced by six full-time editorial staff, as well as freelance contributors, from an office in Chagford, on Dartmoor.

However, a Cranbrook base is also being sought at present.

The Moorlander was launched last June by Stuart, a journalist and press photographer of more than 40 years, in June 2016.

Stuart has previously worked for the Daily Mail, The New York Post, The Sun, the Sunday Times, Reader’s Digest, the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Express, Hello, Esquire, The Independent Review, The Australian Magazine and German GQ.

He has covered conflicts including Bosnia, Iraq, Israel and Northern Ireland during his career – as well as the election of Nelson Mandela in South Africa.

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  • September 7, 2017 at 10:52 am

    It might have been deliberate but could do with a break between Cranbrook and News on title

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