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Weekly helps schoolchildren give Gaelic bear new home

A group of schoolchildren were able to replace their lost teddy bear with help from journalists at a weekly newspaper.

The West Highland Free Press stepped in after pupils at Broadford Primary School, on the Isle of Skye, were left without a bear following the disappearance of their teddy called SeĆ²ras.

In March, the Free Press carried an appeal for the return of the bear to the school, where children are primarily taught in Scottish Gaelic, to no avail.

The newspaper then carried a spoof advert, purporting to be from a teddy bear called Seumas, who was looking for a new home on the island.

After seeing the ad, a pupil at the school phoned the Free Press offering him a new home and reporter Lisa Falconer has now presented Seumas to the class.

Lisa, pictured below with the children and Seumas, said the new bear had been “very well received”.


She added: “The kids spotted me waiting outside the class and heads kept popping round to try and get a peek, as well as lots of giggling.

“When I presented him they were very excited and said they were looking forward to helping him with his Gaelic, as well as singing and dancing, and that they would take very good care of him.

“Our managing director’s wife also made a wee tartan waistcoat for the bear which they were impressed with. I’m not sure how much work would have got done afterwards!”