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Publisher launches new weekly aimed at British Asians

A new weekly newspaper aimed at the UK’s Asian community has been launched by a Bradford-based publisher.

RF Publishing Ltd has announced the launch of Asian Standard, which will be distributed for the first time on Tuesday.

The free paper will be delivered every week to 8,000 businesses nationally, with a focus on “quality, innovative content and responsible reporting”.

The team behind the newspaper are also behind Asian Sunday, which was launched in 2011 and publishes Bradford and London editions.

Asian Standard

Standard’s launch comes a year after editor Fatima Patel resigned from Asian Sunday’s editorship due to illness and took on a more behind the scenes role as Head of Business for RF.

It also coincides with the publisher’s launch of a new video news portal.

Said Fatima: “”I am confident my reporters and columnists will keep the British Asian community updated on top news stories affecting them as well as keeping them abreast of current thinking and topical issues, viewpoints and debates that matter to them.

“In today’s times the British Asian influence is definitely being felt and we want to ensure those who are interested in engaging or are a part of this community can come to us as their main source of news.

“I also want our organisation to be at the forefront of opportunities. We want to help nurture talent creating the next generation of business leaders, politicians, newspaper owners, artists, entrepreneurs and more.”

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