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Pokémon Go players set to raid weekly’s office for eggs and potions

A weekly newspaper editor is bracing himself to be inundated with Pokémon Go players after its office was revealed as a hot spot for the mobile game.

The game, which is based on popular 1990s Japanese children’s TV series Pokémon, allows people to capture fictional creatures in real-world locations using an app which makes use of both GPS and their camera device.

Unbeknown to the newspaper’s staff, the offices of the Doncaster Free Press, pictured below, were designated by the game’s creators as a ‘Pokéstop’, where players can stock up on provisions such as eggs, ‘Pokéballs’ used to catch the imaginary creatures, potions and lures to trap the animals..

But Free Press editor Phil Bramley says players have yet to attempt to gain access to the paper’s Printing Office Street headquarters, pictured below.

Doncaser office

He told HTFP: “Doncaster has gone just as Pokemon crazy as the rest of the country, with Pokémon Go players from across the country set to descend on the town when it hosts its first ever Pokémon Picnic on July 30.

“Pikachu and co have even been credited with tackling crime here – after players hunting the latest creatures stumbled across a burglary in progress at a builder’s yard.

“They alerted police who caught the raiders red handed, though it’s uncertain if the players caught any Pokemon at the same time.

“The fact that the offices of the Doncaster Free Press are host to a Pokéstop has provided a lot of entertainment for staff, but so far we haven’t had wanna-be Poké-masters hammering on the doors to be let in to play – at least, not yet.”

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  • July 21, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    The silly season has officially and definitely arrived.

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