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Journalist comes to aid of people trapped in fatal car crash

Edmund CrosthwaiteA regional journalist who witnessed a fatal car crash on his way to work has told of his efforts to comfort those trapped in their cars after the collision.

Edmund Crosthwaite, a reporter for the East Anglian Daily Times and Ipswich Star, wrote his account of the crash, which saw him and other bystanders hold the hands of the victims while they waited to be cut free.

Police believe the driver of a Volkswagen Golf, a man in hs 70s, suffered a medical episode before colliding with a Rover 75, just off the A14 in Ipswich.

The man died at the scene, while two others were left in hospital after the collision.

Edmund, pictured above left, was one of half a dozen witnesses who rushed to the cars to help.

In a piece for the Star describing his account of what happened, Edmund explained “something just clicked” among the group of strangers who ran to the victims aid.

He wrote: “There was no thought of what we would find, no knowledge of how we would react once we were closer to the crash, just a collective drive that together we needed to do the right thing and try to lend a hand, whether there was actually anything productive we could do or not.

There seemed to be a common understanding of what was needed at that time; not someone to start barking out orders or take control of what was happening but for everyone to just dive in and do their best. It happened unspeakingly but immediately.

“As we stood there holding the hands of those in the cars, leaning over bonnets and through windows trying to reassure them, it was horrible to see people in such a state of terror as they tried to comprehend what had just happened to them.

“Talking, about anything, seemed to be the best solution for everyone: What’s your name? Where were you going? Where are you from? Something to take their mind, and yours, off what’s just happened.”

The aftermath of the crash which Edmund witnessed

The aftermath of the crash which Edmund witnessed

The crash happened just after 9.30am last Saturday morning.

A female passenger in the Golf was taken to hospital with chest pains, while the driver of the Rover is currently in a stable condition after suffering “serious injuries”.

Edmund added: “There’s no doubt the collective action of the dozen or so people who were first on the scene, some fire aiders, an off duty paramedic, ordinary motorists, made the situation more manageable for everyone involved. Of course within minutes the emergency services are on the scene and a well rehearsed routine is springing into action.”

He told HTFP: “While it was understandable that reaction from readers, particularly on social media, was mixed, it was pleasing to see the majority of people saw the article in the way it was intended; a factual account of how people pull together in the face of adversity.”

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