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Editor who came back to run hometown weekly retires for second time

Clive JoyceAn editor who came out of retirement to run the newspaper where he began his career has bowed out of the regional press for the second time.

Clive Joyce, pictured left, has left the Hereford Times after 19 months at its helm, bringing to an end a 46-year career in the industry.

Clive worked his last day at the Times, his hometown paper and the title where he started out as a trainee in 1969, on New Year’s Eve.

He had previously edited the Kidderminster Shuttle for 21 years before taking early retirement in April 2014. However, the following month he took charge at the Times, the Newsquest-owned Shuttle’s sister title.

Clive had joined the Times straight from the school, spending an initial tenure of 10 years there before moving to Kidderminster.

Said Clive, 64, of his departure: “It was an unexpected opportunity to return and edit a paper that is very special to me and I am grateful to so many people for their support over the last 19 months.

“The newspaper and its website are in good shape and we have made solid progress as newspapers continue to develop new ways of gathering and delivering news for the 21st century.”

Editorial oversight of the Times, the biggest selling weekly in Newsquest’s 130-strong UK portfolio, has now passed to Worcester News editor Peter John.


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  • January 5, 2016 at 11:02 am

    Oh dear. I wondered how my local paper managed to be doing better than average for Newsquest on its local coverage – it even survived the departure of its longest-serving reporter and retained its unique local character. But now it’s going to be edited from a city 25 miles away on the other side of the Malvern Hills, never mind subbed in Newport! If ever a newspaper needed its own editor it’s the HT.

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  • January 5, 2016 at 11:08 am

    Kidderminster shuttle eh? Sound like he’s been back and forth all his working life

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  • January 5, 2016 at 1:22 pm

    Clive Joyce is a true newspaperman with a genuine passion for local news, politics and current affairs. The fact that Newsquest doesn’t think it necessary to replace him and can add yet another title to Peter John’s portfolio – now stretching from the Black Country to the Black Mountains – shows how little the company really cares for solid local journalism. Clive, enjoy your well-deserved retirement – you have served the industry and your readers well, and although I am sure you have left the newspaper in as strong a position as it possibly can be, and have left a very hard-working news team, I am afraid I do not share any optimism for the Hereford Times’ continued future success under Newsquest.

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