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Daily editor takes on Europe’s fastest zip wire for charity

A regional daily editor took on the fastest zip wire in Europe for a mayoral charity challenge.

Dave Whaley, managing editor at the Oldham Chronicle, undertook the zip wire challenge as part of former Mayor of Oldham Ateeque Ur-Rehman’s charity appeal.

Dave, pictured below, soared over Penrhyn Slate Quarry, located near Bethesda in North Wales, as part of the event, which raised £18,000 – a record single-day event amount for the former mayor’s chosen charities.

Charities to benefit included The Christie Oldham, Ace Centre North, Dr Kershaw’s Hospice, Action Oldham Fund and Oldham Food Bank.

Photo by Darren Robinson

Photo by Darren Robinson

Said Dave: “When the idea of the Zip Wire Challenge first came about the Mayor’s office asked if we would send a reporter and photographer to cover it. I said ‘yes’ and that if we did not have anyone free I would do it.

“Silly me. Sure enough all our reporters were either working that weekend or had ‘prior engagements’. I was suddenly part of the Zip Wire team.

“Truth is I loved it. We had a great time, the ride was fantastic and thanks to our new cloud-based editorial system Knowledge, I was able to get everything written and filed before we left Wales as myself and photographer Darren Robinson set up an office inside Wetherspoon’s, good wi-fi, in Llandudno as the coaches dropped everyone in the town for a few free hours by the sea.”

However, he added: “Nexy year someone else will be doing it.”