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Bid to get fair deal for farmers launched by regional daily

A regional daily has launched a bid to get a fair deal for farmers on its patch.

The Shropshire Star began its campaign yesterday, and aims to highlight the importance of agriculture to county and neighbouring Mid Wales.

As part of the campaign, the Star has launched a new online directory in which we will list businesses that have a direct relationship with farms across its patch.

The newspaper will send out a sticker to any such businesses willing to support the campaign.

The campaign was launched inside yesterday's edition of the Star

The campaign was launched inside yesterday’s edition of the Star

Editor Martin Wright said: “We are proud to launch this campaign and hope it will help farmers, businesses and customers. We aim to make a real difference.”

The Shropshire branch of the National Farmers’ Union has backed the bid.

A piece announcing the campaign’s launch in the Star reads: “We will highlight the world-class produce that comes from our farms and that ensures our restaurants and shops can offer guaranteed top quality.

“And we will continue to highlight the ongoing efforts to ensure farmers, who have battled issues including low milk prices and TB in cattle, receive a fair deal for their produce.”